I am so sad yet so happy about this pink coat from Sanctuary. I really wanted the A.L.C version but couldn’t justify spending $2500 on a faux fur pink coat, so when I found this one for less than $100 I snatched it up. Unfortunately I found it at the end of winter about a week before spring. Spring in Texas is pretty much a normal summer elsewhere so I won’t be able to wear it as much as I wanted but I am soaking up the time with it that I have! I found a pretty similar one for $74, here so if you are wanting this coat grab that one!


To achieve this hairstyle, just simply start at your hairline and start twisting your hair until you reach the end of your hair and wrap them around each other and secure with an elastic. We twisted pretty tight because as you are securing the buns the twist begin to loosen up a little bit, pin with bobby pins if needed. ALL DONE, super easy!! I love the two buns look so adding the twist changes it up a bit.

I recently bought Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray and I love it, it’s not too heavy but still gives my fine hair some grip for looks like this.

What I'm Wearing

Sanctuary Coat (similar $74), Two Songs Rose Tee, Topshop Pants, Tony Bianco Boots (Steve Madden makes a similar version for only $75), Gucci BagLuxy Hair Extensions in Ash Blonde (CODE: SARALUXY5 for $$ off)

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