I have teamed up with Olay to take their #Olay28DayChallenge, it is an easy-to-follow daily skincare regimen and I will be taking you all on the journey with me. These Olay products are said to make your skin look healthier in 28 days. I was excited from the beginning to actually commit to a skincare routine. I am always getting new products so it is rare I actually commit to a routine for a month because I am always too excited and ready to try something new! I think sometimes I forget that taking care of the outside is just as important as taking care of the inside!

After just two weeks of fully committing to these two products, I could already feel my skin feeling more refreshed and healthy. I use eye creams, but not religiously, and these 4 weeks have shown me that, if I actually commit to my skincare, my skin will thank me. With the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel, my makeup seems to last longer throughout the day and I am not experiencing creasing under my eyes! My skin tends to be more on the oily and sensitive side, but these products haven’t made my skin react at all and I have honestly felt like my makeup seems more matte than normal! I know sometimes skincare routines can seem overwhelming with the washes, creams, toners, etc but with this system, it was so easy and simple to follow.

Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 is great for people on the go. It eliminates the need for a moisturizer and SPF and serum! You can just grab this and go. I have been telling all my mom friends about this product!

If you want to start your own #OLAY28DAYCHALLENGE: visit the Olay Skin Advisor to make a decision about what regimen is right for you (http://spr.ly/336480Advisor)! The first 15 readers to use code: 28DAYS7142 at checkout will receive $40 off their purchase of recommended products on olay.com! #ad #olay28daychallenge.

My first 5 followers to comment about their skincare will get a FREE set of samples to join me in the Olay 28 Day CHallenge! Why don’t you all join me on your own Olay 28 Day journey with Olay!? SO make sure to comment below!!

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Join me on your own 28-day journey with Olay!

Here is a little before & after photo for you all to see the differences I have been seeing for the past few weeks. Both were taken wearing the same foundation and both after 6 hours of wear. Overall you can tell my skin texture is smoother and clearer in the after photo. Also, my under eyes are feeling much firmer, fuller and very much more hydrated too. From the photos, my skin appears less dry, my pores look much smaller, my makeup seems less cakey/creasy, and my blemishes have reduced. My under eyes overall aren’t very dry naturally, but I can tell my under-eye makeup looks smoother on day 28 versus day 1. Can you see the results!?

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Olay Eyes Hydrating Eye Gel & Total Effects 7 in One