This braid took Tessa probably 10-15 minutes max, it is more of a dutch infinity so it creates a thicker braid!


  1. Take the right side of the head and pick up a very small section of hair near the front of head, and take this strand under the right strand of hair and over the left strand.
  2. Then pick up a small section of hair from the left side of the head and add this to the strand you just weaved through the hair, then taking that new strand and weaving it under the left section piece and then over the right strand.
  3. Now, again, pick up more hair on the right side and add it into the strand you just weaved through the hair, then take the new strand and weave it under the right strand and over the left!
  4. Continue Steps #2-4 until you run out of hair to add into the infinity braid!

I would love to see you attempt this hairstyle, it is so easy once you get the hang of it and can be so beautiful! Tag @hairby.tess and @saralrash so we can see it.

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