From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading

Today’s blogging tip is about Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading! I am going to share with you some of the ways I direct traffic to my blog and improve the length of time spent on my blog during each visit.
So far in my series on blogging tips, I have let you in on my secrets to Growing your Instagram Following, How to Start your Own Blog, and How to Take the Perfect Photo. If you chose WordPress you should be knowledgable of the basics and slowly finding out what schedule works best for you. A big question I had after getting comfortable with my blog and finally happy with the content I was creating is how do I get people to actually view my blog? There are several ways to direct people to your blog and with that being said you also need to make sure your blog is set up to keep them reading once you have led them there.

Social Media Sharing
Social media is a great tool for directing people to your blog, these are a few of my favorite ways of directing traffic from my social media platforms to my blog. The people following you on your social media accounts obviously love what you’re doing and usually want to learn more and dig a little deeper into your style and lifestyle.

I like to share my posts on all of my social media platforms but each social media calls for a different type of post. Each platform needs to include images, engagement, information, and a working link. I am going to dive into each social media platform and what I think is the best way to promote.

Sharing with Instagram
It is important you make it apparent what is on your blog and what isn’t. Because your followers might think the photo you just posted on Instagram is just your #ootd if you don’t directly specify more photos and information is available on your blog. When posting on my Instagram about my blog post of the day, I make sure in the caption to include what the post is about, my website name and I always put some form of direct link in bio. By adding my website name in each post this will remind your followers what your blog name is, and by adding the words direct link in bio lets them know they can just simply click the link in your bio and be lead directly to your website. I also change the link in my bio to the blog post of the day, that way they are directly guided to it.

A way I encourage people to check out my blog instead of just strictly viewing my social media is leaving their mind to wander. Sometimes I try to not tag any brands and suggest my followers head to my blog if they want to know more details about my outfit. This will tempt your followers to actually head to your blog because they can’t find out all the information from your Instagram.

From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading
From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading
Sharing with Tumblr + Twitter + Facebook + Pinterest
Remember to include those hashtags – hashtags are key in growing your following, especially on Tumblr.

With Twitter you can get away with posting more often, since Twitter feeds move so quickly yours can quickly get lost so it is important to share often. I suggest using the Buffer app to pre-schedule your tweets for the day, I try to schedule all of my tweets in the morning so I don’t have to worry about it all day!

I pick and choose what I want to post on my personal Facebook. I don’t want to become an annoying ad on Facebook so I choose to post maybe once a week. This encourages people I actually know to my blog, which helps with word of mouth. I also have a Facebook Page strictly for my blog that people can like, I rarely ever update it – speaking of that I need to go update it soon.

Tweeting or Posting to Facebook About your Blog should include:
Engaging Title – catch their attention and include keywords, this could include a question or fact
Photo – it is proven tweets with photos get retweeted more often
Call to action – let your readers know you want them to check out your post
Mentions – @ brands you are talking about, could result in repost/retweets by brands

For outfit photos, I share my top favorite photos from the post in a specific Pinterest folder labeled as my blog’s name, I make sure to hashtag my blog and tag myself in the photo caption. When I provide blogging or beauty tips, I make sure to share a photo with a title on the photo that will engage the readers and lead them to my blog to learn more about it.

Tip: Making sure to include an Alt Text description in your photos is important for being shared by others to their Pinterest pages.
From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading

For the days without a Blog Post
Not everyday I have a specific post scheduled to be posted but even on those days I want to drive traffic to my blog. To encourage readers to your blog, it is great to have your liketoknowit page linked to your website. By having that appropriately linked you can post a photo and tag your liketoknowit link and also let your readers know they can also view it on your blog. Also I make sure to share one photo from an older blog post to Twitter & Pinterest, your avid readers might have seen this post but others might not have.

From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading
From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading
From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading

Subscriber Lists
If people click subscribe then they are truly interested in your blog and these people want to receive more information about your website. As you grow your subscriber list should be growing with you, you can send these people exclusive content or previews of posts to help lead them to your blog. As the weeks continue I will share more tips on how to grow your subscriber lists and what to send them, but for now just work on advertising that you have an exclusive email available for your readers!
From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading

Encouraging Readers to Stay on your Blog Longer
Now that I have shared a few ways you can direct people to you blog, you want to keep them reading and also keep them coming back for more. These are a few great ways to keep your viewers on your page for longer.

Blog Design
If your blog looks great then people are more wiling to stay on your page, so change it up every so often to keep things fresh. Make sure to not let your footer become dead, not everyone will scroll to the bottom but if they do then they are invested in your page – I suggest adding your Instagram feed at the bottom.

This can assist in keeping your reader interested, this is almost as important, if not more, than your actual content. If you can create great visuals, your blog will be a successful one, it takes time to figure out what photos work best for your readers but remember they pay attention to bad lighting and bad filters. If you want to read a full detailed post about improving your photography, check out Photography Tips for Bloggers.

Keep your page updated and all links working and all pages easy to read. Organization can help your blog have consistency, making sure your blog is organized is easy but can be tedious.
From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading

Related Posts
If someone is reading about beauty tips, then they probably would be interested in reading more similar posts, add related posts at the end of each post to encourage them to click around and stay awhile.
From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them Reading

Internal Links
This is where you will link to other posts within a post, such as older posts or a related post. This is a great way to get new views on older posts – as your blog grows, new readers might not take the time to scroll all the way back and read every post…this encourages them to click around to view your older work as well.

I cannot stress this enough, we want to engage our readers and by adding a call to action or question at the end of every post, you have a better chance of making that happen. Remember to reply to your comments, if readers can see you have replied to other comments, then they will be more willing to interact.
From Texas with Love - Directing People to your Blog and Keeping them ReadingI hope this post has helped you learn new ways to direct people to your blog and also to keep them reading once they have made it to your blog. I am always looking for new ways to direct people to my blog so if you have any ideas please share them with me.

love always, Sara