Hello all, I am Sara, the model + editor for the blog From Texas With Love. I currently work as a blogger and content creator, stylist, designer, buyer, product reviewer, and hairstylist. I am a student at SNHU through their online program, with plans to graduate with my Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising within the next year! In 2012, I began my fashion blog here deep in the heart of Texas with very little knowledge on what to do and an iPhone4 that my best friend and mom would take pictures of me with. I didn't really know what I was doing or what I wanted out of this blog, but I knew I wanted a way to express myself through my personal style.

Throughout the past few years, my blog has expanded from being strictly a fashion blog to being a place for a variety of beauty reviews, hair tutorials, and blogging tips for my readers. Each week I provide a variety of styled posts and beauty reviews and blogging tips for any of my readers out there trying to find their voice in the blogosphere. I’m super passionate about the blogging tips section because this blog has meant to so much to me. Having this connection with my readers and having this space to express myself has been huge for me, so any tips I can provide for someone just starting out blogging, I’m more than happy to do. My blog has continued to grow and become a way to connect with others and learn more about myself. To see a glimpse into my daily life (which also includes a lot of black labradors), #ootds, and my favorite beauty finds, follow me on Instagram, @saralrash. I am a creative thinking fashion lover and I encourage you to join me if you feel you are the same!